Testimonia Pijl breken

It opened my eyes, that it is to easy to make excuses for postponing your goals in life. Reforming your thoughts helps looking at your goals from a different angle. -Lasse, analist

I will certainly focus more on my goals.
Make sure I achieve what I want.
Be free of my doubts or fear. And live my life!

You should not be affraid to take a risk or take on a challenge, because at the end, that’s what brings you forward.
-J.W. Stellingerhout

It was a reminder of the importance of visualising and focussing life objectives. Also it’s an inspiration to consiously take some time to do ‘mind hygiene’ -Marieke, analist

Basic fears (and other unexplainenable emotions at the time) can be leftovers from the very early stage in life, when an intended or unintended association is formed in your mind. These emotions need to be recognized and addressed.
-S. Jugal

I gained insight into what place I give distractions in my life and the power that is left when they don’t prevail.
Thank you Ursula!
-I.Spijkers, Corporate Development Manager

Good way toget to know people and a good chance to expand your thinking possibilities. -Willem